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All types of inverters are repaired. we are the best inverters repairing shops in uae. In order to guarantee that the boards we fix are in perfect working order when they are delivered to you, we test them in our cutting-edge lab using actual equipment racks or a stimulated test station. Our boards are covered by a 30-day warranty. Drop off your board or send it to us via a package delivery service to get it fixed right away. Our fantastic repairing service provide simple, Reliable & Affordable.


We do all types of services for your ups. The most cost-effective way to maintain solid state equipment is through repairs. Horizon's internal turnaround times are some of the fastest in the business, and we will make every effort to complete your emergencies on the same day at no additional cost. We are doing UPS emergency repair affordable price for you.

Elevator PCB

In the UAE, we are best elevator controller supply repair almost all elevator circuit boardsand we are leading the best elevator repair service shop and top Elevator parts supply company

Boards we repair are tested in our state of art lab in real equipment racks or in stimulated test station to ensure they are working properly when they are returned to you. Our boards come with a thirty Days warranty

Drop of your board or send it to us via a parcel carrier to have it repaired today.

When damaged board has forced you to shutdown an elevator, we offer rush services. Let us know you need a rush on your order and we will give it your board the highest priority.

We will able to better assist you in the repair of your equipment, if you print out and fill out our Board Discrepancy Sheet and send it in with the equipment to be repaired.


We have been providing industries with services ranging from proposing and installing to the absolute commissioning of automated system, completely adhering to the industry standards. The members here coordinate the processes together right from the receiving of order to the product delivery. An environment of mutual respect and professionalism is maintained throughout. Our ultimate goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers and elevate ourselves as the best automation solutions provider for diverse sectors. Reach us and experience excellence from top VFD repair in UAE.


Marine Board is a form of HDPE plastic made specifically for use in marine and outdoor applications. This material is even stronger than typical HDPE and is specially formulated and designed to withstand harsh marine environments. Marine board is perfect for use on outdoor storage, boats, docks, and other equipment that needs to weather the elements. Most importantly, marine board is one of the safest materials to build a dock or boat out of. Even with proper treatments, wood that is marine-grade will slowly rot and decay over time. This can lead to incidents where weak, rotting wood can break or collapse. For example, stepping on a weak piece of plywood on a dock can result in a future safety hazard, or even an immediate injury. We do all kinds of Marine Gas and Oil biomedical repair.


We are supported by highly experienced team of professionals. Owing to their hard work and dedication, we have reached touch the pinnacle of success.they are completely empowered with vast industry knowledge and expertise in their respective domain, which apparently helps us in manufacturing our range as per the industrial standards.